A hybrid framework for industrial data storage and exploitation

2019. CIRP Manufacturing Systems Conference – Elsevier

In this paper a hybrid framework is illustrated, with a software and hardware integration strategy, for an industrial platform that exploits features from a Relational Database (RDB) and Triplestore using the blackboard architectural pattern, ensuring efficient and accurate communication concerning data transfer among software applications and devices. Specifically, “Raw Data Handler ”, manages unstructured data from IoT devices that are kept in an Apache Cassandra instance, while “Production Data Handler” acts on structured data, persisted in a MySQL database. Filtered data is transformed into knowledge and persisted into the Triplestore database (DB) and can be retrieved by expert systems at any time. The proposed framework will be tested and validated within Z-Fact0r project.

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Predictive maintenance platform based on integrated strategies for increased operating life of factories

2018. APMS

Process output and profitability of the operations are mainly deter-mined by how the equipment is being used. The production planning, operations and machine maintenance influence the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of the machinery, resulting in more good parts at the end of the day. The target of the predictive maintenance approaches in this respect is to increase efficiency and effectiveness by optimizing the way machines are being used and to decrease the costs of unplanned interventions for the customer. To this end, development of ad-hoc strategies and their seamless integration into predictive mainte-nance systems is envisaged to bring substantial advantages in terms of produc-tivity and competitiveness enhancement for manufacturing systems, representing a leap towards the real implementation of the Industry 4.0 vision. Inspired by this challenge, the study provides an approach to develop a novel predictive mainte-nance platform capable of preventing unexpected-breakdowns based on inte-grated strategies for extending the operating life span of production systems. The approach and result in this article is based on the development and implementa-tion in a large collaborative EU-funded H2020 research project entitled Z-Bre4k, i.e. Strategies and predictive maintenance models wrapped around physical sys-tems for zero-unexpected-breakdowns and increased operating life of factories.

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Medical Applications in Everyday Surgical Practice

2018. International Journal of New Technology and Research (IJNTR)

Technological evolution has lead to great inventions and smart phones are certainly one. This perception article investigates the possible advantages and disadvantages of using smart phone applications in different surgical subspecialties. Since phones can now store a huge amount of data and can send and receive multimedia such as video and sound these applications could benefit surgeons not only in terms of telemedicine but also as an educational or decision-making tool. However, such applications raise some significant ethical questions for the surgeon.

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