10/10/2019 – Z-Fact0r, Industrial workshop, Kilometro Rosso, Bergamo, Italy

The Z-Fact0r project consortium held the Z-Fact0r Industrial Workshop on 10th October 2019 at Kilometro Rosso Innovation District in Bergamo, Italy.


03/04/2019 – Z-Fact0r, Microsemi premises, Caldicot, Wales, UK

The Ζ-fact0r, month 30, plenary meeting was held in Caldicot, Wales, UK on March 26th and March 27th and organized by MICROSEMI. The consortium engaged in interesting conversations regarding the progress of the project and the challenges ahead. The meeting attendants also had the chance to visit MICROSEMI premises and discuss how the Ζ-fact0r solution applies to MICROSEMI processes.