New job!


Everything flowsHeraclitus said thousands of years ago. So I decided to find a new job. And I did! Today is the end of the first week. The first impressions are quite positive so far. But this is not the goal of the this piece. The goal is to discuss about life changes and why they happen.

Changing job and emotional adjustment

Changing a job has never been an easy task. It means that you probably came to point and you couldn’t stand a number of situations any more. Even the small “I don’t like my job“, might not be that small in the end.

For me it took me six months to take the step. Not because I couldn’t do it earlier, but because I wanted to do it when all stars were aligned, and I believe I did it on the right time.

But every decision comes with a cost, and one of those is the emotional adjustment. New office, new colleagues, new challenges, new domain, a new kind of stress. And the extra stress if you will be able to handle new reality. Of course this applies to those who care about their jobs. The others… oh well they happily live in their own worlds.

Changing job is always a risk

Changing a job is always a risk. Originally fascinated and impressed by the new offices, the smooth interview, you believe that you are joining a better place. But it goes south. And (again?) you find yourself being a member of toxic workplace. In order to find out if the environment is already toxic, ask as many questions as you can, about everything. If the attitude is a “I don’t know. I don’t care that much” one, then run away!

What’s next?

A few new things are in motion as we speak! Whenever they are ready, I will let you know!